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International Day of Light 2021

Science of Fictitious World

Team-based Problem Solving on Fictitious Science

As part of the celebration of International Day of Light 2021, a special program named ‘Science of Fictitious World’ has been organized. A competition will be arranged between two teams on fictitious science problems. The teams will be given an imaginary open-ended problem on light and optics. Team members will gather the necessary information about the problem. After analyzing and discussing among themselves they will prepare an interpretative presentation as a possible answer to the given problem.


The participants are selected by SPSB. In this competition between two teams, each will represent their presentation and discussion in the presentation phase. The winning team will be selected based on innovative ideas, mathematical analysis and logical results.

The presentation phase of the competition will be broadcast live from the facebook page of SPSB. You are invited to watch the live telecast to observe the creativity of the students in science. Watch the live event on May 8, 2021, at 5 p.m. Watch Live: