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International Day of Light 2021

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What is International Day of Light?

The International Day of Light is a global initiative organized with the practical aspect of light and light in all fields. It is being organized worldwide to understand and evaluate the role of light as a source of energy and its multifaceted application, ranging from science, industry, culture, education and sustainable development to medicine. The huge range of these initiatives will allow different sections of the society to come forward and work together. The work will simultaneously serve as a platform for highlighting the need for science, technology and industry and culture to work together to achieve the goals of UNESCO “Education, Equality and Peace”.


Who is Organizing It?

The main entrepreneur of the International Day of Light is UNESCO’s International Basic Science Program or IBSP. The steering committee of this event includes UNESCO representatives as well as members of partner organizations from around the world. In each country One affiliated organization acts as the National Node. That organization basically coordinates all the events of the country concerned. Society for the Popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB) is working as the National Node of Bangladesh. As being the vice-president of SPSB, Munir Hasan coordinates the work as a representative.


When The International Day of Light will be Celebrated?

Since 2018 this day is celebrated on May 16 every year. On this day in 1960, for the first time in the laboratory, physicist and engineer Theodore Maim was successfully able to create a laser beam. Simultaneously how a scientific innovation can revolutionize communication, medicine and many other fields, Laser is an excellent example of that. The main theme of the International Day of light, not only in science but also in the general sense in all fields including industry, culture and development.


How the International Day of Light 2021 will be Celebrated?

On 16 May 2021, UNESCO is celebrating International Day of light 2021 worldwide online. At the same time, keeping this day in mind, hundreds of events are being organized online in different countries. Every year we celebrate this day with enthusiasm all over the country. As a part of the celebration of the international year of light earlier in 2015 and the international day of light since 2018, we have had lectures on lighting, Light Talks, Hand-in-hand light understanding workshop, Light Technology Exhibitions, Photography Exhibitions and Competitions and Quizzes for School Students. We also organized light flashing and other cultural programs with songs of light.

Following the previous arrangement, we want to organize the day as beautifully as possible. But due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are not able to organize the events in different schools or exhibition halls. But like the rest of the things, we want to use innovative energy in this event as well. This time we will celebrate the day in such a way that everyone can take part in all the events sitting at home, can understand the role of light and light technology in our lives safely.


The Main Elements of The Day of Light


The focal point for the development of scientific ideas and technology is the light. For hundreds of years, light and its features have been a source of controversy in the world of science. Everyone from Ibn al-Haytham to Einstein has worked with light. From gamma rays to radio waves, the spectrum of light has brought to our attention everything from the mysteries of the creation of the world to the technology that has changed the world today. Advanced research in nanophotonic or quantum optics has matched the opportunities for all new discoveries and new branches of science.

By providing free access to databases, sustainable development and a higher standard of living, mankind is directly being benefited by Light-based technology and photonics.

the main driving force of the economy is now Photonics-based industries. The use of photonics in improved medicine, effective communication and energy production is bringing positive changes in the society.

From vision development technology to handheld smartphones, from space observation technology to the fiber optic cable of the Internet revolution – the use of photonics seems to be ubiquitous in our daily lives.


Light and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In the development and positive change of the society the science and technological application of light plays an important role. Its need to protect the growing social communication is also infinite. Photonics promises practical and affordable solutions to the world’s energy production, sustainable development and public health conservation. Photonics is also one of the tools in the struggle to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the fight against poverty, inequality and injustice, and the urgent need to address climate change and its effects. Photonics keeps the world’s citizens connected through the Internet and other means of communication. Nowadays Photonics is also an integral part of business and education. Through accountability this network ensures justice, strong judiciary and peace. Optics is one of the keys to the medical system. there are various uses of light technology in everything from diagnostics to advanced therapeutic processes and research.

Sustainable agriculture, which is arguably the world’s most feared tool is coming from Remote sensing technology. At the same time, sustainable agriculture is one of the regulators for the conservation of water and sea biodiversity. To improve the quality of life, modern lighting can provide effective and environment friendly solutions. Rather than this, for monitoring climate change and estimating its effects, effective lighting-based solutions are also crucial.



It is a great way to encourage young people to study science through lighting as it is an inspirational subject. All over the world educational programs aimed at children through science and technology, highlighting the problem of gender inequality and building learning opportunities centered around developing countries.


Innovation and initiative

Even in crisis environments the application of science and light has naturally served as a fuel for local innovation. New generation is getting inspired to build careers in science and technology as well as become entrepreneurs through light related education.



For ages and still on Light has been influencing human culture. it is an opportunity to recognize the relationship between science, art and humanity in a new light and to have a better understanding in our cultural heritage by Studying the link between light and culture from the golden age of Islam to the present. A major role is always played by light in art, literature and human thought. by creating a bridge between science and art, the theme of light is expected to break down the invisible wall between the two worlds.


Organizing The International Day of Light 2020

The International Day of Light 2020 is being celebrated worldwide. In human life the contribution of light and light technology is being celebrated through hundreds of events in more than 50 countries. In Bangladesh various programs are being organized by the Society for the Popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB)

Celebration in Bangladesh

Society for The Popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB) is organizing the day as a coordinator of all activities of the day of light in Bangladesh. Due to the covid-19 infection, all the arrangements have to be changed according to the situation worldwide. And due to this Bangladesh is also changing their methods. This year, everything will be organized online, so that everyone can participate at home. This year’s events are featured at the top of this page